Brother Aeson Carras, 3rd Co. Assault Squad

Brother Carras Aeson, 3rd Co. 2nd Sqd. An entry for Laurie Goulding’s Scythes painting competition.

An initiate recruited from Radnar, fighting through foes and Sothan born brothers’ disdain to achieve a front line assault position.

Soon he attained a power falx in recognition of exceptional prowess at close quarters. As history tells, Carras was among the very few to be fighting on Miral, where all was close quarter and vicious. Injuries from tyranid talons rarely left small wounds and eventually even Brother Aeson met his match. Having fought within a reserve assault squad, reinforcing the line whenever a break through seemed evident, he and his squad mates would boost to the walls with jetpacks roaring and falx swinging.

Spying a particularly commanding hive warrior, Aeson was overwhelmed by a wave of lesser minions in his effort to close and slay the beast, losing his left arm and being taken from the field of battle when the wall was cleared, suffering further grevious and incapcitating wounds in the duration.

Long since recovered aboard the Cronus, Miral remaining in his mind as an old but raw memory. Carras has taken up his power falx with cybernetic limb anew, fastening his heavily damaged chapter icon with chain (twice blessed) he now weilds both weapon and rage with a furious vigour, reaping trophy after trophy from the red chitin hides of the Kraken born. All the while hoping to live up to the legend of his Sothan born brothers, lost on Miral and Sotha, their names listed and set upon his left greave as a written reliquary.

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