Brother Gaius

At the claws of Hive Fleet Kraken the Scythes lost many battle brothers accross the chapter, with little over 100 marines surviving the ordeal. Many highly decorated squads were completely wiped out and in some cases entire companies were obliterated.

Brother Gaius is the sole survivor of the 7th Company. He fought alongside his company as they gave their lives in ship boarding actions, the defence of Sotha and finally to the stand on Miral where the last of his company brothers fell.

The guilt of suviving and the keen loss he feels for his brothers has had a marked effect on Gaius. Where he was once calm and professional, he now acts with aggression, teetering on the edge of control. In other chapters such behaviour would likely be treated by the apothecarium or the librarium, but the Scythes do not have such luxuries available to them. So Brother Gaius has been assigned into a new squad alongside the cool-headed Servius, in the hope that the expert marksman can curb his behaviour.

So it is that Brother Gaius goes to war to battle monsters both external and internal, trapped in the past and haunted by the ghosts of the 7th.



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