Miniature Basing Tutorial

Warhammer 40k miniature basing tutorial by Chris Pike in finishing his wonderful Scythes of the Emperor marines.

Without further preamble, Chris’ own words:

1 – This base is for my Primaris Apothecary

– the first thing I’ve done is glue down a piece of slate where his right foot will sit.

2 – Take a lump of greenstuff and push it into the base where the model is going to stand. I usually glue my models to the base and sand around them, but for this I’m showing you the steps on what to do if you paint a model separately.

3 – Rub a little petroleum jelly onto the base of the boot and push the boot into the greenstuff. The jelly will stop the greenstuff sticking to the plastic.

4 – We’ve now got a nice boot print for the model to stand on.

5 – Bases don’t have to be flat. Push down some greenstuff in random areas to make it just a little more interesting.

6 – Rocks are made up from slate chipping a that you normally have in a garden that I’ve bashed with a hammer. These are super glued in place.

7 – I use some sand and some gravel on my bases.

8 – Apply PVA glue to the base and sprinkle some of the gravel on. Not too much of this as it’s just for extra texture.

9 – Either sprinkle or dip the base in the sand.

10 – Complete steps 8 and 9 on the rest of the base.

11 – Take some heavily watered down PVA and apply it to the entire base. This will seal the sand.

12 – Undercoated the base Chaos Black.

13 – Cover the sand with Mournfang Brown.

14 – Drybrush the entire base with Zamesi Desert.

15 – Lighter drybrush of Ushabti Bone.

16 – Basecoat the rocks with Dawnstone.

17 – Shade the rocks Shade rocks with 1:1:1 Rhinox Hide:Black:Medium.

18 – Drybrush the rocks Administratum Grey.

19 – Lighter drybrush of White Scar on the rocks.

20 – Next we’re going to add static grass. Apply PVA glue wherever you want the grass.

21 – Take clumps of static grass and push it onto the glue from the top down. You’re trying to make it stand up a little and don’t want it all horizontal.

22 – Paint the rim Steel Legion Drab.

Looks like a lot of steps, but you start off at number 5 if you attach the model to the base first, and it really doesn’t take long.

Thanks Chris! Look forward to everyone’s variations on this great tutorial.

For Sotha!

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