The Scythes, Assault Scouts

For the Scythes of the Emperor scouts, a lot of converting later and a bit of bits bashing, a more assault focussed squad is evolving. Regular readers will note the use of a few models I’ve been working on before. New parts, new ideas.. very organic process.

Main focus for this group is using camo cloaks, assault team with covering heavy weapon and sniper. Though the Missile Launcher can double duty with my tactical scouts. They’re more for pathfinding ahead of the main force.

Without further delay – the latest neophytes and Sergeant in the Scythes force:

Scythes Scout Sergeant

Scythes Scout Missile Launcher  Scythes Scout Missile Launcher

Scythes Scout Flamer

Scythes Scout Sniper  Scythes Scout Falx

More soon as I start more tactical scouts and alternate weapons.

– Seb.

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Site owner and creator, Sebastian Stuart has been updating and maintaining the Scythes of the Emperor webpage since 1997. He is canonised as 'ForgeMaster Sebastion' by Richard Williams and LJ Goulding in the Scythes of the Emperor novels by Black Library.