The Scythes on Birthday Deathwatch

Like my lastest Scythes of the Emperor project, it would appear Games Workshop was thinking the same as I – to go 2D and make a tile game like Space Hulk (here’s mine) and send a team of characters into it to create a series of linked games. Here are the early stage designs so far..

The Scythes boarding action

The Scythes boarding action 2

Will I be buying it? Well at $330NZD(!), unlikely – though I shall seek to obtain the Hybrids, as the Scythes fought a genestealer cult on Graia before the fall.

Another reason to comment on Deathwatch is to do with Warhammer Fantasy. With the demise of Tomb Kings, I have gone into overdrive saving funds to buy up everything Warhammer to complete my myriad ideas – because it definitely is all up for the chop. So the Scythes project is on hold whilst I divert funds to buying up Warhammer Fantasy goodies.

So far I have acquired a Goblin raiding force, Tomb Kings crypt collection and presently about to flesh out my beastmen.

That said, I have not left the Scythes project too idle last few weeks – I have been gathering suitable detailed marine parts, some new souts and a couple of parts to complete unique scout models. In addition.. a small seed pod’s worth of a Tyranid swarm..

Thank you for your patience, a bit of a quiet birthday celebration as my Marines gaze across the hobby table at the exodus of survivors walking out of international post boxes; finding homes on my shelves from the End of Times Warhammer world.




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