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This Scythes of the Emperor showcase will be a big one.

Andrew Taylor and I collaborated for quite awhile through, as I provided an outlet on the site showcasing his work. In many senses the original Sothan Brother showcase! Andrew went on to win a Golden Demon for his converted attack bike in 2011, resplendant in Scythes colours. In fact, you can see a Games Workshop video review here.

In the video you get some great advice about painting to a Golden Demon level from his interview also.

Andrew and I, through our joint notoriety as Scythes collectors 2000-2009 directly affected the perceived history of the Scythes on various Wiki’s, web wide for several years. He with his leadership naming and Battlebarge creating and myself with the initial mistaken paint scheme and later notes on the Tyrannic war, dates and Chapter number even!

In 2010 we collaborated on creating a comprehensive resource of all Scythes fiction and mentions to encourage more players and also, simply get the story straight and draw a line between our fan fiction and GW Canon. We created the Original Factual History of the Scythes of the Emperor.

This was picked up by the Black Library author, Richard Williams, when he was thinking about writing of the Scythes, pretty much sealing the deal as all references had been sourced and laid out ready for him to create “Orphans of the Kraken” story. This later led to LJ Goulding (@twitter) picking up the Sothan banner and running with his series of short stories and now full fledged novel, “Slaughter at Giant’s Coffin”.

A couple of Andrew’s Characters were carried over into the series of canonical fiction and I found myself with an alias, Forgemaster Sebastion.

Andrew’s style is a mix of clean and clear highlighting with artful and graphic weathering. Nothing quite as visceral as say, Grizzly Bear (Rob), but effective in a carefully applied manner.

He has chosen a deeply hued yellow and cold black for his Scythes, with a variety of gear modifications throughout. A defintely post Fall of Sotha force.

Andrew has moved on to miniature painting and creating projects within the Oldhammer community and besides his Sisters of Battle Collection on (which appears to be down) he hasn’t produced any further Scythes since. Currently he is Chairman of and member of the Bristol Vanguard club.

Regardless, being a cornerstone creator and torchbearer of the Scythes, you will always see his work on the Scythes website under The Heart of Sotha series. Here below is a quick glimpse at his wonderful models (tyranids featured are by his wife too!):

Warhammer 40,000: Kill Team

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Site owner and creator, Sebastian Stuart has been updating and maintaining the Scythes of the Emperor webpage since 1997. He is canonised as 'ForgeMaster Sebastion' by Richard Williams and LJ Goulding in the Scythes of the Emperor novels by Black Library.