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Welcome to an ongoing series focussing on fellow Sothan Brothers of the Scythes.

The first showcase is that of Grizzly Bear on Bolter and Chainsword. Also known as @grizzly_vegeta on instagram. As per his Instagram profile:

“..Airsofter, gamer, geek, fitness lover, family man, ex dancer,100% natural lifter, dragon ball Z fanatic & strong man training..”

During my time away sailing for a couple years his Scythes collection took off and quickly became a visceral and evocative colleciton of Scythes of the Emperor marines embattled by the Tyrannic swarms with a mix of expressive application and chipped weathering.

Using Forgeworld and contemporary parts, his agressive and action posed modelling garnered a lot of attention to our Sothan cause. Before the artwork, books and direct mention in 8th Warhammer 40k in 2017, Rob was one of a notable group of folks keeping the Black and Yellow alive and in the eye of online hobbyists, and has kept the Sothan Banner flying in the imaginations of many for several years now. (Working on a banner project with him right now actually)

I strongly suggest checking out his WIP blog on that hallowed of power armor forums, Bolter and Chainsword (link above), and a follow on Instagram for the latest of inspirational weightlifting and hobby images. There will be more on his amazing collection in the months to come.

Here today though, a small slice of his work:

Warhammer 40,000: Kill Team

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