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A more recent recruit to the Scythes of the Emperor, Dean LeCoq   (@Twitter link) has made quite an impression with his crisp (sharp as a Scythe?) paintwork, clean freehand and bold approach to the new Primaris line of Space Marines in 8th Edition Warhammer 40k. In stark counter point to the visceral work of Grizzly Bear in our first article, it seemed right to showcase another talented Sothan who chooses a different approach.

Naturally I had to ask what attracted him to this near forgotten of Chapters:

“It was mostly the narrative and history of the Chapter that drew me to them, and after reading the Dark Imperium novel where Guilliman declares that the Scythes will be fully rebuilt with Primaris reinforcements to help defend the old Sotharan League, I was sold. Coupled with the very classic and recognizable scheme, I couldn’t think of a more deserving Chapter.”

Dean has provided ample direction on his colour choices in early WIP photos on Twitter:

“..Browns are Rhinox Hide, shaded with Nuln Oil, then highlighted with Gorthor and Bandblade Brown. The Yellow is a mix of the following; Averland Sunset, shaded with Reikland Fleshshade worked up through Yriel Yellow, screaming Skull and Pallid Wych Flesh for edge highlights..”

Whilst only a small collection of Scythes of the Emperor, he intends to expand the force, which is something we can all look forward too no doubt. Be sure to click for close ups for an inspirational level of detail:

Dean’s work has appeared in White Dwarf and he performs painting classes in his area, so if you can – be sure to attend one of these tutorial sessions!

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