The Scythes, First Scouts nearing completion

The first scouts of the new look force for The Scythes are almost done, mostly details, a couple of accessories, armor and some wear to be completed.

This group was a bit of a 180 degree, I had aimed for pistols and chainswords, then opted to create a tactical fire team to support my more creative assault versions.

These guys are setup to put their boots down and peforate any xenomorph that pops it’s gnarly head up.

Few nods to old school scouts in the jackboots (obviously), a mohawk and the classic warpaint across the eyes.

I’ve worked on two scars across the sargeant’s face – need to read up on folks techniques there – so as not to make it just two angry red lines.

More shortly as I prep these guys for the first mission, with short story.

Thanks guys!

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