Scythes of the Emperor Chapter History

Cpt. Alexis Polux led the defence of Sotha.

The Scythes of the Emperor are a proud Chapter brought low through near complete destruction by Hivefleet Kraken.

An event which claimed their once verdant homeworld called Sotha. This world was the administrative center for the Sotharan League (some 86 planets in latest fiction, 2019) and it’s loss and subsequent scattering of the Scythes into a beleaguered Chapter Fleet put the region in turmoil for over a century. After Primaris reinforcement and an expedition to Sotha by the late Chapter Master Thracian, the Aegida Orbital above Sotha has been repaired and now acts as their Fortress Monastery. Below the world of Sotha has begun a long reseeding process by Techpriests of Belisarius Cawl.

The Scythes of the Emperor’s origins began during the Horus Heresy, when the 199th “Aegida” company of the Ultramarines fought, heavily outnumbered, against the Night Lords in the Battle of Sotha, defeating the traitors as they sought to control the Pharos device, a mysterious xenos artefact buried within Mount Pharos.

The device was ‘lighthouse’ to the rebuilding of Roboute’s Imperium Secundus at the time, among many other secret properties it held. Upon Roboute Guilliman’s arrival and defeat of the traitors, he honoured the company with the emblem of two crossed scythes, representing their defence of the farmers of Sotha, citizens of a small but proud population which had suffered greatly under the attack, but did not yeild.

Post Heresy & Founding

After the Heresy and the Second Founding, the Aegida Company was maintained secretly as a phantom 11th Company under the command of Captain Oberdeii, in defiance of Guilliman’s own Codex Astartes. An act which Roboute Guilliman personally charged Oberdeii to oath, within the exotic tunnels of Mt. Pharos.

When Rogal Dorn initiated the Third Founding nearly a millennium later, Oberdeii was the last surviving member of the company. Nevertheless, the Ultramarines’ Chapter Master, Tigris Decon, wished to remove the evidence of Guilliman’s ‘heresy’, sending Chaplain Segas and Brother Wenlocke to offer Oberdeii the choice of being reassigned to the 5th Company or continuing to guard the Pharos by becoming Master of a new ‘Aegida Chapter’. Oberdeii reluctantly agreed to found a new Chapter, but chose the more fitting, Scythes of the Emperor. In addition to Chaplain Segas and Brother Wenlocke, seventy-two Ultramarine veterans of the Orlan Conquest were assigned to the new Chapter. (M31.021)

They continued their vigil over Sotha, Mt.Pharos and the surrounding Sotharan League within the Ultima Segmentum. Taking upon themselves the duty of policing and safeguarding of notable tributary worlds such as Egottha, Beremin, Moloch, Miral, Graia, Veridian, Vespastor, Devlan, Salem, Lamarno, Triplex Phall, Espandor, Radnar and Kimmeria. They performed admirably during notable events such as;

  • M39 Chapter purge of Arthas Moloch
  • The Corinth Crusade (698-705.M41) (Led by Marneus Calgar)
  • Damocles Gulf Crusade (742M41: Participated in actions on Sy’l’kell & Dal’yth Prime.)
  • Xikun Campaign (745.M41)
  • Verdeworlds Campaign (865.M41) verse Eldar settlers.
  • Liberation of Egottha (992.M41).

Then came the Tyranids of Hive Fleet Kraken in 992.M41.

The Fall of Sotha

The arrival of the Tyranids had been foreshadowed in dreams of a young Oberdeii. When, as a neophyte, he had become lost in the tunnels of Mt. Pharos, his mind sensitive to the xenos device within, he experienced visions of great terror. He kept this knowledge his entire life. During the defence against the Night Lords traitor legion, the Pharos device was damaged, sending out a powerful beacon. This event was long feared by Oberdeii as having attracted something terrifying and apocalyptic.

The coming of Hivefleet Kraken lead to the Scythes nearly being destroyed. An invasion which had already annihilated the Lamenters Chapter in the Devlan system. Sotha, the Scythes Homeworld, was lost entire, with only 239 Scythes surviving to arrive at Miral Prime. Their fall back onto Miral was ended when hiveships invaded soon after, so too Graia and several smaller worlds until eventually they set to preparing and defending Bosphor when news from Ichar V sent word of a combined forces victory and breaking of the Kraken fleet. They were bitterly disappointed not to have been present when that first great victory was won.

“No tactical record or archived battle account from the Tyrannic War had ever mentioned an invasion quite like it, before the fall of Sotha.”

The few surviving Battle-Brothers, less than 200 at the time, swore to spend their lives seeking out and annihilating the remaining Tyranid splinter forces within the Ultima Segmentum and beyond even as they seek new recruits to replenish the Chapter’s shattered ranks. In M41.999, the Scythes emerged fully from the shadow of Hivefleet Kraken, confirming their existence yet and began rebuilding as a single Battle Company.

There was much unrest for a time as many wanted to expend themselves fighting Kraken, whilst the leadership intended to recover and rebuild. This schism may have ended when Chapter Master Thracian sent vocal 40 brothers to the Deathwatch. A deal which may or may not have been struck to obtain much needed geneseed for the Chapter from the Inquisition.

During this period they discovered the Sothan serfs and peoples had been infected by a Genestealer cult, an uprising which was put down brutally amidst the small Chapter fleet. It had taken centuries to then infect the very Chapter itself through psychic manipulation and genestock. This sabotage of both the the people of Sotha, the Chapter Fortress and Genestock of the Scythes led to the quick fall of Sotha. This became a secret only to the Veterans of the Scythes.

The Scythes at that time no longer had any Codex-approved Terminator squads, with only three remaining suits of Terminator armour. Forge Master Sebastion was known to have acquired a fourth partial suit. He was in the process of restoring it to combat-readiness when the Indomitus Crusade began. (This would be in use during the Cawl Expedition, The Great Work – Guy Hayley)

In this present millennia (8th Edition 40k), post Indomitus Crusade and the returned Roboute Guilliman, the Scythes were reinforced by new Primaris Marines. The recruits unaware of the Genestealer secret. By this time only a few original Sothans were alive.

Arch Magos Cawl and the Ultima Founding have given the Chapter a chance to return to full strength, without this secret taint. Reinstating their capability to patrol and defend the Sotharan League and Shield Worlds within Ultramar’s fourth tetra, under the direction of Tetrarch Decimus Felix, an Ultramarine Primaris Captain and close confidant of Roboute. Whilst the Chapter maintains a fleet based existence about the Battlebarge, Heart of Cronus, Decimus rules the Sotharan league from the newly instated governing world of Vespastor. Notable actions since have been the Battle of Hamagora. The 2nd Company of then newly reformed Scythes of the Emperor found itself under siege upon the hive world of Hamagora. The Scythes Intercessors being assailed by an endless swarm of Nurgle Daemons.

Years later Belisarius Cawl would set out on an expedition to Sotha, with Tetrarch Felix and Chapter Master Thracian and his last veterans (10). Discovering the Pharos to be a Necrontyr structure entombing a C’tan stargod. The last of the original Sothans would die on this final expedition. Defeating the Genestealer Patriarch at the heart of their Monastry, reclaiming their honour.

At the end of this expedition, Cawl kept his promise to Thracian and began reseeding Sotha from gene banks of flora and fauna. A several hundred year effort. The Aegida platform is to become the new Chapter Fortress and a new era of the Scythes shall begin with their Primaris brothers.

Presently the Scythes are involved in the War for the Aberrus System, that began in M42, when a tendril of Hive Fleet Kraken invaded the Imperium’s Aberrus System.[66]

Several Astra Militarum Regiments were sent to aid the System’s worlds, but they were no match for the Tyranids. It was only when the Iron Lords, Knights of the Raven, Lamenters and Scythes of the Emperor Chapters arrived that the Imperium began to stand a chance. The Imperial forces were unaware, however, that a second Hive Fleet was fast approaching the Aberrus System and was twice the size of the invading Kraken tendril. The Ordo Xenos Inquisitor Shalisha Talaris has learned of this, though, and has sent a desperate plea for aid to the Indomitus Point Watch Fortress. She fears that if Aberrus falls to the Tyranids, then the fate of the entire Eastern Fringe will hang in the balance

The Specialist Units  – Salvation Teams

Rumours abound of Space Marines wearing the insignia of the Scythes still alive inside the Tyranid Hive Ships of Kraken splinter Hive Fleets; “Salvation Teams”; small, autonomous units of Scythes given the task of traversing the battlegrounds and dead hiveships along the Eastern Fringe. Running to ground every rumour, every indication a Sothan may still live somewhere in the wake of the Tyranid assault.

In reality, very few living Astartes are ever found, more often than not the “Salvation Teams” are merely reduced to “Salvage” teams recovering the non-biological artifacts such as Power Armour and Bolters, and not just from the slain Astartes of the Scythes but from many, many other Chapters as well. Still, desperate times call for desperate measures and the Scythes gain invaluable experience in boarding actions against even the dormant or dying Tyranid vessels. It is possible that the Scythes of the Emperor now know even more about this foul xenos species and how to defeat them than even the Ultramarines’ own Tyrannic War veterans.

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The Scythes of the Emperor – Boxed Set Beginnings & References

Before 8th edition, Dark Imperium the novel and all the novels and short stories published in recent times (2012-2016), the only mention of the Scythes of the Emperor Chapter was in Tyranid Attack, Advanced Space Crusade & White Dwarf in the 1990’s.

Veteran Sergeant Reaper, Sergeant Khan and a Scout from the 1st Squad being mentioned in stories. Note the Black and White Stripe Kraken Campaign badge.

Advanced Space Crusade preview.
The Scythes of the Emperor Sergeant and Scout colour scheme shown on the inner box of Advanced Space Crusade and pg. 51 White Dwarf 131 November 1990.

The Scythes Scout Colours, Advanced Space Crusade. pg.51 WD 132 December 1990.

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The Scythes of the Emperor feature by Andy Chambers, Space Marine and Eldar Scouts article. pg14 White Dwarf 159. March 1993.

Scythes Emperor Tyranid Attack

The Scythes of the Emperor fourth Vindicator, ‘Reaper’. Destroyed in defence of Miral prime against Hive Fleet Kraken. Single Art Panel, Imperial Armour Vol. 2, Space Marines and Forces of the Inqusition pg. 74

Index Astartes: Purge the Alien. Scythes Sergeant Remas retells his tale to Chaplain Cassius. pg.54 White Dwarf 306 (UK), June, 2005. This story is actually an edit of Sgt Khan and Chaplain Fabius conversation, Page 16. Advanced Space Crusade.

Scythes Emperor Kraken

Purge the Alien Notes: As the Ultramarines recovered from the devastating attack of Hivefleet Behemoth, Chaplain Cassius moved to create a specialised force of Tyranid Hunters amongst the Ultramarines. The contraversial force gained new impetus on the attack of Hivefleet Kraken, as a fresh influx of Deathwatch marines from the remaining Scythes, spread further combat techniques amongst other Chapters. The meeting of Sargeant Remus with Chaplain Cassius was instrumental in the Scythes of the Emperor’s ongoing association with the Ultramarines, by creating a highly specialised Tyranid response force.

The Coming of the Great Devourer by Warwick Kinrade, Epic 40,000 Scenario. pg.82 White Dwarf 218 (UK), February 1998. (Click for Larger Image)


Warhammer 40,000: Kill Team

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