The Scythes icon repainted

Well.. it has been over a decade since I actually painted a Scythes logo. A good friend printed several sheets of black icons I created vector artwork for back in the day, at the time he had access to an industrial decal printer; which as you can imagine produce exceptional quality – decals I’ve been using for years since.

However, in the new project, of Scythes painted the classical scheme – I was confronted by the realisation – I had to hand paint Scythe icons again.

So – having completed several for the scouts – my hats’ off you my fellow Sothans – freehanding your icons – from black on yellow to yellow on black. It certainly is a careful touch to our marines.

My first ever hand painted icon was on the Space Marine Terminator Hero figure from 2001 – I still have him; and now.. in 2015, my new Scout Sargeant:


– Sebastian.

About Sebastian

Site owner and creator, Sebastian Stuart has been updating and maintaining the Scythes of the Emperor webpage since 1997. He is canonised as 'ForgeMaster Sebastion' by Richard Williams and LJ Goulding in the Scythes of the Emperor novels by Black Library.