Codicer Phrixus

Phrixus was hit by a psychic blast and fell unconscious during one of the early boarding actions by the Scythes against hive fleet Kraken. He remembers little of what happened after this other than he was cocooned up in some sort of organic life support system. While he was captive in this, he could feel the pressure of the hive mind pressing in on his skul, probing his mind, to find the secrets of a Scythes Librarian.

Phrixus has no idea if he was in that cocoon for days, weeks or months but eventually an ultramarine scout party rescued him during a raid they were undertaking. Phrixus accompanied the Ultramarines back to Macgragge where he underwent extensive genetic and psychic testing to ensure he was free from corruption. Passed as appearing clear, Phrixus took his leave and made his way in Search of the remaining Scythes – using his psychic powers he eventually succeeded in tracking down the Heart of Sotha and re-joining his brothers.

However… Phrixus has noticed that he has started to experience an increase and fluctuations in his psychic ability… whether this is something he has developed on his own, or if there is something more sinister behind this is a question that troubles the Codicier.In the meantime, his brothers are in great need of his talents – and Phrixus puts his unique insight into the workings of the Hive mind to good use, making him a formidable anti-tyranid warrior.



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