Sothan Brothers, Chris Pike’s Scythes

Chris Pike’s Scythes of the Emperor

Its been awhile in updates due to Life(TM) as ever. But lets kick off with a bang! Chris Pikes Scythes of the Emperor marines showcased here have been featured on Warhammer Official, a great boon for our little known Chapter. Huzzah! Top stuff Chris!

Here in his own words:

Here are the final images of the members of the first squad for my #scythesoftheemperor

I’m really happy with how this guy (Sergeant) turned out, although it’s quite maddening that a few extra details (chainsword, servo skull, leather on the rifle, extra transfers) add up to a lot of extra hours.

You can follow Chris on instagram: @_chris_paints_stuff_ and the Scythes website and my own work on @the_scythes

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