Dark Imperium The Novel

Cover by Igor Sid

Dark Imperium, by Guy Haley. Cover by Igor Sid. An engaging, smartly written primer for the ‘State of the Imperium’. Displaying a contrast of ideals both new and old, physical and within. We meet Primaris marines, many years along on their Crusade, in action and in thought, their hopes and the reactions that surround them in this divided and struggling Imperium. A shattered realm that they are duty bound to unite both by might and brotherhood. At the centre a DemiGod balancing the awe of billions and the realities of entrenched beliefs and shifting power within a near collapsed empire. All the while, engaging hateful, shrewd foes bent on destroying his careful works. Filled with moments for fans of every Chapter (not so subtle wink).

The war with Chaos and Nurgle in particular, for my part at least, felt a backdrop to the characters we meet about Roboute. Their ongoing journies in war, rest and political maneuvering. It was a timely read in that I was reminded of the recent Brad Pitt feature War Machine, on Netflix. In that you meet a leader struggling to finish a war, yet thinking to the future. All the while surrounded by helpful and not so helpful characters. Several of which engender themselves to you very quickly with the light interplay that we are not often given to seeing among bolter blazing marines and grim dark scripts.

When you’re done smashing armies across tables of war, sit back and have your servitor provide an infusion whilst you read Dark Imperium.



Be aware Scythes of the Emperor fansSPOILERS for DARK IMPERIUM Novel

Excerpts from Guy Haley’s entertaining Dark Imperium have come to describe events in the new Millenia of the Warhammer 40k universe. They reveal the present and future fate of our favourite Chapter, the Scythes of the Emperor:

“That leaves the eastern marches. This area, under the Sotharan League, remained politically unified until recently, but since the fall of Sotha itself to the tyranids the League has been without proper guidance, and I hear troubling reports regarding its efficiency. This will change. Vespastor, three light years from Sotha, is designated the new seat of authority there, and its tetrarch will rule over the Sotharan League and the eastern shieldworlds besides.’ ”

Captain Felix, Primaris Ultramarine, will take command.” (86 worlds, Felix one of four tetrarchs on Council of Greater Ultramar)

“My concerns that a single Chapter could not protect the Five Hundred worlds remain valid,’ said Guilliman. ‘I have therefore decided to station eight new Chapters of Space Marines … Along with the Ultramarines, and the Scythes of the Emperor, whose territories fall within the fourth tetra

“Work will be immediately undertaken to rebuild the Scythes of the Emperor with Primaris Space Marines. They will have responsibility for protection of what is currently the Sotharan League.”

Excerpt From: Guy Haley. “Dark Imperium.” iBooks.

A new governing world is Vespastor, under command of the newly inducted Ultramarine and Tetrarch, Brother-Captain Decimus Felix (Once Roboute’s Equerry, Senechal and previously Commander of the Rudense). A serious Astartes with the deepened voice of the Primaris. Amongst many traits explored in Dark Imperium.

This also elludes to how important Sotha was as an administrative and focus of the Sotharan League.

There is the future of the Scythes of the Emperor my brothers! At this stage I can only imagine we will operate from the Heart of Cronus and recruit across the 4th Tetra (Sotharan League and Sheildworlds).

What an incredible year for the Scythes.


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