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UPDATE: In recent months a lot of Scythes of the Emperor fiction has been coming out of Black Library, check the Essential Reading Guide here.

UPDATE Sept. 2020: Laurie J Goulding recently commented the following about the Scythes History PDF back in 2011:

The Original History PDF Article:

After a few snatched moments of spare time over two months, we have both served our penance for the odd historical inaccuracies that have persisted among Scythes of the Emperor players due to our notoriety as Scythe collectors. My original Scythes history of misremembered romantiscised facts and Andrew’s own very convincing Scythes history had many believing the very characters we wrote of were in fact, GW canon!

Now, after twelve years of collecting the Scythes I think I can say, this is the most accurate history compiled to date. Fully sourced and cited from Games Workshop and affiliated publications. We have often gone with precedent facts, due to GW’s penchant for some odd revisionist time line.

Download : The Scythes of the Emperor : A Factual history [18mb PDF]

What this is not
The Scythes of the Emperor : A Factual History is not a codex or even a hobby guide. It is a several page report on the history of one of GW’s most ill-fated but resilient Chapters. Our intention is for Space Marine collectors to explore the possibility of a Scythes’ force with the confidence of knowing the background with which they get inspired is accurate and presents a myriad of possible Scythe Chapter forces fighting and surviving along the Eastern Fringe. Much like my small warband of marines and Andrew’s complete Scythe Company with Battlebarge, there are various ways to represent them in the 40k realm.

The Future
This is the first edition release, as new facts may yet come to light. We will incorporate in later editions these new addendum. If you find something we have missed, please contact us and we will cite the source and add it to the next edition with credit.





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