Scythes of the Emperor Heavy Metal

Back in the late nineties I lived in Southampton, UK when I began collecting the Scythes of the Emperor marines. It was a cold, wet period in my life punctuated with great times at the gaming table and in my local GW store the manager Bob, Gary, Joe Hill and Jon Hart. Tuesday Curry night at a local Indian Restaurant was us at a round table general teasing the hide off each other. Good times.

I’ve kept in touch with as many of the crew as I could follow, I know Joe went on to do some work in GW studio and regularly land a Demon trophy, he is a meticulous painter. I believe Bob went on to start up a independent hobby store. Jon however, well he’s gone to Spain. No not Ibiza. He actually is part of the head team at GW Spain. But most importantly, he is a big Scythes fan.

A while back we got to talking over the relaunch of the Scythes website, the history pdf that Andrew and I put together and in general caught up after several random email over the years. He mentioned some work he had done for his Scythes, then sent through a wall of Dreadnaughts. Well, I just had to showcase this.

Please enjoy Jon Hart’s wall of Heavy Metal, from fresh out of the armoury to wall breaching, veteran fury. This collection of Scythes war machines give us a taste of the early years of the Scythes and just how intimidating Dreadnaughts can be in our beloved yellow and black. Thanks Jon!


In the near future I will showcase his marines and several Apocalypse battle games his Scythes have engaged in.



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