Scythes of the Emperor Painting Tips

Scythes Emperor Painting

Painting Scythes of the Emperor Space Marines in Warhammer 40k. Initial colour recipes collected from some of the best painters among our Sothan Brothers. This page will expand to full tutorials and painting ideas in the coming weeks! Enjoy Brothers!

Dean LeCoq (instagram: @deanlecoq)

Dean’s Yellow
Averland Sunset
Riekland Fleshshade (Shade)
Yriel Yellow
Screaming Skull
Pallid Wych Flesh for edges

Dean’s Black
Eshin Grey (First Highlight), Dawnstone Sharp Edge,
Administratum Grey for edge highlight
Abbadon Black, Edge Highlights of Eshin Grey & Fenrisian Grey,
Blue Horror spot highlights at corners.

Dean’s Leather
Rhinox Hide
Nuln Oil
Shade Gorthor and Baneblade Brown

Chris Pike (instagram: @_chris_paints_stuff_)

Scythes Emperor Chris

Chris’s Yellow:
Averland Sunset
Recess Riekland Fleshshade
Casandora Glazes
Edge Yriel Yellow
Edge Screaming Skull
Corner Pallid Wych Flesh
Dots of White.

Chris’s Black:
Incubi Darkness (Edge)
Thunderhawk Blue (Thinner Edge)
Fenrisian Grey (Sharp edge
And Scratches) Blue Horror Dots

Chris’ Leather:
Rhinox Hide
Nuln Oil
Rhinox except the recesses
Rhinox/Steel Legion (50/50)
Steel Legion
Steel Legion/Karak and scratches.
Karak Dots

Maxime Corbiel (instagram: @cpt.normandy)

Maxime is a professional miniature sculptor for Games Workshop and his collection of Black Templars are notable for their deep blacks. Here is his recipe for an alternate approach to your Scythes of the Emperor blacks:

Maxime’s Black:
Incubi Darkness (Highlight), Thunderhawk Blue (edge), Fenrisian Blue Edge
Blue Horror dots.

I’ll add to this tips guide over time as other folks show their methods for effective results when covering up dents and scratches in our Sothan armor!


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