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Scythes Emperor Space Marines

The following is a list of significant Characters and Ships of the Scythes of the Emperor Space Marine Chapter, post Fall of Sotha M41+.

Sourced from Black Library Novels, additional items sourced the 2011 Scythes History PDF (Made by this site with GWHQ access), Scythes of the Emperor Wiki, Scythes on Lexicanum, and correlated notes from Kurgan of Bolter & Chainsword.


The Heart of Sotha

25 known, less than a quarter of original Chapter fleet
(A 1/3 translated into Miral, powerless and adrift after a desperate warp jump)

  • Heart of Cronus – Shipmaster Devianti, Shipmistress Hannelore and Thrasius, previously the Heart of Sotha.
  • Honour’s Might under Shipmaster Mardelech, built Old Ultramar. Total loss fighting Miral Invasion, enveloped and boarded by Rocola Hiveship.
  • Atreides – Strike Cruiser, heavily damaged during Miral invasion. Original Shipmistress shot herself on the bridge for her perceived failure in conduct.
    Command assumed by Shipmistress Hannelore, originally a lieutenant and acting captain on the Heart of Cronus during the Miral invasion whilst Devianti recuperated.
    Post-Miral, home to 15 Astartes (a 10th of the Chapter) when they encountered Hiveship Daedalus in the Braccus System on a geneseed recovery mission with Squad Cassander.
  • Dromea Bathos – Strike Cruiser
  • Callandra – Strike Cruiser, heavily damaged but repaired over Miral.
  • Gift of Enyo – Strike Cruiser, (heavily armed)
  • Calixtus – Shipmaster Alei-Wei
  • Laodameia’s Lament – Nova Class Lance Frigate, Shipmaster Jerrum
  • Pale Rider – Nova Class Lance Frigate
  • Nova Prospectum – Small Cruiser, Forgemaster Sebastion’s Ship – fully repaired in transit to Miral despite clear signs of battle. Veteran crew with many commendations.
  • Xenophon – Shipmaster Kaeron (KIA). Hunter-class Destroyer The Xenophon served in the Scythes of the Emperor’s fleet shortly before the destruction of Sotha by Hive Fleet Kraken. Lost with all hands enroute to Sotha pre-invasion upon ecountering a Kraken vanguard fleet.


Scythes of the Emperor Artwork Space Marines

Notable Scythes and Characters not associated with a particular Company. (Prior to Dark Imperium novel, the Scythes fought as a single Battle company).


  • Chapter Master Oberdeii – First Chapter Master, Warden of the Pharos. Chose the Chapter name and symbol when presented founding papers by Chaplain Segas & Brother Wenlocke, forming the Chapter from 72 Ultramarine veternas of the Orlan campaign.
  • Chapter Master Thrasius – Master of the Arsenal – keys, cipher codes to chapter caches across Sotharan League. Fleet Master. Gifted negotiator with long term thinking, had built up the Chapter’s most powerful weapons through dealings with nearby Forgeworlds into secure caches throughout the Sotharan League. A task of his and predecessors over centuries.
    Commanded Exterminatus upon Miral with Cyclonic Torpedoes. Developed the Salvation Teams to look for missing Astartes within the hive ships and to scavenge equipment (regardless of which Chapter it came from).
    Chapter Master Thrasius claims 3 companies worth of neophytes were to come. How that is to be is debated. Suggestions were: Chapter Master Thoryca knew Sotha would fall and evacuated the gene-seed. Thoryca had an agreement with the Inquisition to have their gene-tithe returned and that those Marines sent to the Deathwatch was payment for this. Xenos tech being used to progenoids faster than normal. ‘Reaper squads’ harvesting gene-seed not of the Scythes. Legends of the Space Marines. (Orphans of the Kraken)
  • Chapter Master Mansirius Thorcyra – KIA Miral (Lictor) Remains burned along with the Warden of Pharos skull mask. Expedition to Saphir Cluster.(Arrived Mirals weeks after Sotha’s Fall)
  • Brother Captain Romons – Acting Commander of the single “Battle Company” prior to the Dark Imperium timeline.
  • Forge Master Sebastion – (Orphans of the Kraken pg. 451)(Ship is the Nova Prospectum) & 12 Tech Marine Cadre (Veteran Outfit crew with over a decade of commendations) Tech Marines had repaired all systems in transit to Miral. Would seek out and bring many exotic weapons from secret caches for Thrasius during the Miral war.
  • Fleet Master Zebulon – Dead on arrival to Miral
  • Lord Tormal, Chief Librarian – KIA Sotha, defending Mount Pharos
  • Brother Spiridonas Codicer (Librarian) – severely traumatised guiding fleet survivors to Miral Prime. Promoted to Chief Librarian by Thorcyra. KIA Miral, Carnifex.
  • Reclusiarch Hornindal. Killed in the crash of the Xenopohon near the world of Tumbus.
  • Chaplain Segas, 1st Chaplain of the Scythes Chapter, originally an Ultramarine, buried on reliquary world of Egottha.
  • Chaplain Demetrios. Killed in the crash of the Xenophon.
  • Chief Apothecary Vedio – KIA Sotha
  • Apothecary Machaon, Defacto Chief Apothecary and Guardian of Gene Stocks (Murdered on Miral by Hadrios)
  • Apothecary Arritus — Apothecary stationed on the world of Bracca IV to scan for potential recruits.
  • Brother Lt. Hadrios – Officer aboard the Heart of Cronus post Miral.
  • Veteran Brother Wenlocke – Originally Ultramarine, formed part of the fouding Scythes, among the 72 Orlan Campaign veterans.

The Battle Company
(Damcles, Fall of Sotha through Miral invasions prior to Dark Imperium timeline)

  • Veteran Brother Sergeant Rheq – Leader of Scythes contingent, Damocles Gulf Crusade.
  • Brother Sergeant Lahmas – Fought in the Damocles Campaign, Devastator Squad Leader
  • Brother Sergeant Certes – followed Hornindal to Egottha. Killed in the crash of the Xenophon
  • Brother Sergeant Edios – followed Hornindal to Egottha. Killed by Tyranids boarding the Xenophon.
  • Brother Sergeant Hekaton – followed Hornindal to Egottha. Lost along with the Xenophon.
  • Brother Sergeant Cassander – leader of the Assault Squad Cassander. Killed during the Gene-seed recovery mission on the world of Bracca IV
  • Brother Mascios – Member of Sergeant Hekaton’s squad, killed by Tyranid creatures aboard the Xenophon.
  • Brother Domitios – saved by Tiresias during the fighting on Tan.
  • Brother Esau – member of the Assault Squad Cassander and one of the last recruits from Sotha. Together with Brother Galerius as the only surviving members of Assault Squad Cassander, successfully evacuated Apothecary Arritus with the Gene-seed from the world of Bracca IV.
  • Brother Galerius – member of the Assault Squad Cassander, together with Brother Esau as the only surviving members of Assault Squad Cassander during Bracca IV recovery mission.

Last of the venerable Ancients Dreadnaught covered the escape from Odessa.

  • Ancient Mhadax – Former Captain. Presumed dead defending Odessa Field evacuation, Sotha. Fought during the Damocles Campaign (Savage Scars novel)


  • Captain Dragos, First Co. Captain and Consul of Sothara. KIA Expedition to Saphir Cluster.
  • *Only two Veterans known to have survived Miral Prime (Giant’s Coffin)


  • Captain Agaitas KIA Bio Titan Plasma attack
  • Veteran-Brother Menele – Presumed killed on the death world of Miral. (Slaughter at Giant’s Coffin)
  • Brother Vasilis – Presumed killed on the death world of Miral.
  • Wiped out securing Hiveship Heloth crash site on Miral Prime


  • Brother Captain Zebulon, KIA. Sotha. Sothan Fleet Master.
  • Acting Captain Thracian (Miral) – (Before becoming Chapter Master)
  • Survivors joined fleet at system edge for Miral.
  • Sergeant Romonos, veteran and Thracian’s right hand. Romonos serves as the commander of the “Battle Company”, the Chapter’s sole remaining Veteran combat formation following the battles with Hive Fleet Kraken. (Pre Dark Imperium timeline)


  • Brother Sergeant Marek Angeloi (Fourth Co.) (Renowned Sniper as a scout, opinionated) Advocates for the Chapter to end itself in one final, glorious crusade rather than attempting to rebuild. Part of the Deathwatch 40. Fought Tyranids on Phirus, purged the Veneers Sector. originally Tiresias’s superior.
  • Devastator Sergeant Kalos 4th (Took deathspitter to the spinal cavity. KIA MIRAL)
  • Brother Keltru (4th, sergeant is Angeloi) (Legs lost by Land Shark) (Scout under Brother Tiresias (Squad with Angeloi during Miral)
  • Brother Nimeon (4th)
  • Brother Veteran Culmonios (4th) KIA Miral by Lictor protecting Thorcyra. Acting Bastion Commander of Giant’s Coffin.


  • Captain Theodosios, Commander Cassios, Lt. Enero, Ancient Valtioch. Members of 5th Co. when they disappeared prior to the fall of Sotha. (Legends of the Space Marines. Orphans of the Kraken pg. 442)
  • KIA Brothers Valens, Nikos, Leo, Abas, Tiberios, Messinus, Herakleios
  • Commander Cassio recovered alive by Sgt. Tiresias 21st Salvation Squad, 3 years after the fall of Sotha. Killed while attempting to escape the hive ship (Legends of the Space Marines. Orphans of the Kraken)
  • Sergeant Khan, wounded (face and legs) survived the boarding actions. Rescued by Ultramarines, interviewed by Chaplain Fabius. 3 Service studs. (possible precursor character to Remas below)
  • Brother Sergeant Remas – encountered the first hive ship to reach Sotha. His testimony aided Ultramarines Chaplain Cassius in the organisation of the Tyrannic War Veterans.
  • Brother Tobias – member of Remas’s squad, the only other survivor.
  • Brother Harvan, died during the boarding action alongside Sgt. Khan
  • 5th Co. wiped out months before the fall of Sotha. Launching assaults upon Sotha’s outer system Hiveships. Legends of the Space Marines. (Orphans of the Kraken pg. 440)
  • Sergeant Tiresias and the 21st Salvation Team recovered the remains of 37 Scythes Marines in the Hiveship chambers of dead fledgling Bio-Titans.


  • Captain Synes KIA had taken seven full squads to re-secure the Odessan landing fields, though survivors from Sixth Company claimed to have been in contact with him for some hours after the enemy hordes overran the transit terminals.


  • Brother Captain Argus (7th), dead Sotha, Tegean Wetlands.
  • Brother Hadrios (7th) Knows a secret of Pharos, Killed Machaon. Involved in Geneseed disappearance. Now lieutenant to Thracian after showing him the truth of their Fall. Performs a counter-intelligence role in seeking out the truth at the heart of a conspiracy within the Chapter.
  • Survivors joined fleet at system edge for Miral.


  • Brother Captain Vosok Dali (turned Renegade), Lord Executioner of the Scythes. Born on Bremen. MIA (Bronze Power Axe symbol, Ruddy Illumination field). Champion of the Blood God on New Badab during the Skull Harvest. Killed by the Iron Warriors warmsith Honsou in single combat. Novel: Heroes of the Space Marines. Story: The Skull Harvest by Graham McNeil.
  • Brother Mitra, Radnar World and 13 other survivors all MIA
  • 14 Astartes of the 8th have been remarked to have survived both Sotha and Miral.


  • Brother Captain Nikanor, fought alongside Captain Dali (8th) to break the xenos advance on Mount Pharos beside High Chaplain Iphidamas.
  • Any Survivors joined fleet at system edge for Miral.

10TH Company (Miral recruiting 9 cycles before Fall of Sotha. 68 Aspirants)

  • Brother Captain Levidis, Captain of the Tenth, had brought his small neophyte contingent down from their training camps in the Blackrock Mountains near Sothopolis, to cover the civilian evacuation, but no mention was made of him having boarded any escape craft himself.
  • Brother Captain Pnagos, Master of Recruits (Sotha) (Slain during the Xikun Campaign) pre-Fall.
  • Veteran Sergeant Reaper – Presumed lost during boarding actions. (MIA Tyranid Attack Game)
  • Brother Sergeant Veteran Brimelow. (trimmed grey beard, not Sothan) called Miral recruits, ‘Tough Death World stock, tough little runts “
  • Brother Sergeant Rezyk – Led Brother Keltru (then a neophyte).
  • Brother Sergeant Tiresias(Orphans of the Kraken pg. 430). Second Tyrannic War Veteran who survived the attacks on both Sotha and Miral. Tiresias was assigned to the 21st Salvation Team — a small unit consisting of himself and four Neophytes. Sergeant Tiresias has led this team for two standard years. Mortally wounded while investigating an unknown class of Hive Ship. His body and gene-seed were later recovered by the 121st Salvation Team.
  • Brother Sergeant Jonic – Led Brother Culmonious (then a neophyte).
  • Brother Sergeant Quintos – Leader of the Scythes’ 121st Salvation Team after the fall of Sotha. Previously Neophyte member of the 21st Salvation Team under the command of Sergeant Tiresias, but was sorely wounded when he lost an arm and part of his face to the Tyranids while searching for Scythes survivors aboard Hive Ship #10998 Archelon. As a result of these injuries he received a bionic replacement. Quintos and the 121st Salvation Team later recovered the gene-seed of Commander Cassios and the body and gene-seed of Sergeant Tiresias, who had been mortally wounded during a mission to destroy an unknown class of Hive Ship (which was present at the Battle for Sotha).
  • Neophyte Lacovis KIA Miral, born Sothan
  • Neophyte Esau (Carried Lacovis back to Giants, Sothan)Wounded in the Eye. (Appears in Daedalus audio drama) Now a Battle Brother with right eye implant. (See: Daedalus)
  • Neophyte Pasan – 21st Salvation Team under the command of Sergeant Tiresias. As one of the last of his generation to be born on Sotha, Tiresias favoured training Pasan over his squad-mates for a future leadership position. KIA Hiveship. (Orphans of the Kraken)
  • Neophyte Vitellos, 21st Salvation Team under the command of Sergeant Tiresias, KIA aboard Hiveship. (Orphans of the Kraken)
  • Neophyte Narro – 21st Salvation Team under the command of Sergeant Tiresias. He hailed from the Hive World of Radnar, coming from a privileged background. Narro had been recognised by Forge Master Sebastion as a potential candidate for a future Techmarine, KIA same Tyranid Hive Ship as Vitellos. (Orphans of the Kraken)
  • Neophyte Hwygir – 21st Salvation Team under the command of Sergeant Tiresias, acting as the squad’s Heavy Weapons specialist and carrying a Heavy Bolter. He hailed from the Death World of Miral. When he would become a fully-fledged Space Marine he had chosen to rename himself Culmonios (after the late Culmonios, KIA at Giant’s Coffin). Witnessed Hadrios kill Apothecary Machaon. He died aboard a Tyranid Hive Ship after being fatally shot in the back of the head by a Tyranid biomorph. (Orphans of the Kraken)
  • Neophytes Metellian and Varos. Killed during boarding actions on tyranid hive ships designated #34732 Halisa and #51191 Notho respectively. (Orphans of the Kraken)
  • Neophyte Bokari – apprentice to Sebastion in the Forge.
  • Neophyte Medon – member of the 49th Salvation Team. Honoured for the recovery of a partial suit of Terminator armour.


Scythes Vindicator 'Reaper'
The Vindicator ‘Reaper’ lost on Miral. Imperial Armor Vol. 2 pg. 74 (Badge error on GWs part)
  • Storm Talons, Fire Raptors
  • Two Empty Whirlwinds
  • Scythes Predator, Executioner, saw action on Dal’yth.
  • Chapter Serfs (Many of whom are Sothan citizen’s who joined the Scythes after Sotha)
  • Mirali aspirants (inc Hwygir)
  • Warden of the Pharos mask burned with Thorcyra on Miral.

Auxiliary Personnel

  • Senior Retainer Gricole – Graian native, rescued by Sergeant Tiresias during the Graia invasion. (Oprhans of the Kraken). A Hydropon Sprayer turned militia-captain. Lost his children whilst under his command. Outspoken.
  • Shipmistress Hannelore – Acting Captain Heart of Cronus during Miral Invasion, now Captain of the Atriedes.
  • Shipmaster Kaeron – Commanding Officer aboard the Hunter-class Destroyer, Xenophon. KIA
  • Leviton Goss – Sub-Lieutenant of the Xenophon, KIA
  • Serf-Sergeant Milus Ogden – Chief Security Officer of the Xenophon, KIA
  • Tyek – Security Officer aboard the Xenophon. KIA
  • Gricole – Senior retainer under Sergeant Tiresias. KIA

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