Scythes of the Emperor Transfer Sheet

Scythes of the Emperor Transfers.

After a couple months of back and forth, I’m finally satisfied to release the colour version of the Scythes of the Emperor chapter icon.

This sheet uses a base layer of white, slightly reduced to allow the upper yellow layer to bleed over and ensure no white edges when used over black.

Suffice to say, this two colour decal print job is expensive compared to standard work as we are trying to ensure the yellow covers black cleanly.

The latest version uses a warmer yellow (Pantone 7.7c) and the Veteran Skulls have had features enlargened for better detail. As the original artwork is in the zipfile, you can modify these colours or request the printer to do so.

I would recommend a professional studio to print these as they require very fine alignment for the overprint of yellow.

There are several online services such as Wessex Decals, Chapter Customizer and others. I made a post about this before here.

Here are the results:

90 Marine Icons
34 Terminator Icons
84 Smaller, Scout sized Icons
40 Vehicle Door/Banner icons
12 Vehicle Door Icons

You can download the files (PDF, WMF and original Adobe Illustrator file) US Letter sheet size:

Thanks for your patience and look forward to seeing folks use the decals for their collections.


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