Scythes of the Emperor Transfers, Decals & 3D Parts

Scythes of the Emperor Transfers

So you have decided to reinforce the Scythes of the Emperor Chapter in the fourth Tetra of Utramar, and defend the Sotharan League and the Sheildworlds. Of the many Chapters assigned to this region, ours has the greatest reinforcement of Primaris Astartes due to a trying two centuries since Hivefleet Kraken struck.

If you make up such reinforcements, welcome Brother!

Naturally you would wish to bear our Chapter emblem with pride. This is not as easy as some Chapters. The following are several methods for you to acquire or apply the Scythes of Sotha across your battle plate.

3D Technology (Click titles to visit websites)

There are a few locations offering Sothan emblems in printed resin parts. Checkout the following for your personal preferences:

Plokoone’s Bits,
Scythes of The Emperor V.7 Shoulder Pads x10 (Classic Old Style Icon)
$14.00USD at time of writing (Sadly no longer available):

Pop Goes the MONKY – Custom Bits and Pieces

by Matt Sweitzer.

Scythes of the Emperor, 10 Terminator Indomitus Shoulders $14.99USD (Straightened Modern Style 2017)

60x Scythes of the Emperor: Shoulder Insignia pack (Straightened Modern Style 2017)
$17.99 USD:

Scythes of the Emperor – Gen3:Ferrum Shoulder x10 $11.99 (Straightened Modern Style 2017)

Scythes of the Emperor – Gen4:Maximus Shoulder x10

Here is an example by fellow Sothan Brother, Chicagod3mon, on instagram (Thank you!):
(Please click on images for larger versions)

Scythes Pad, (Older Style Icon)
$15.00USD. Printed in HD 25micron, black resin:
(Also do SM Vehicle door Stencils.)


Waterslide Transfers/Decals (Older Style Icon)
Scythes Decal, Yellow. clear waterslide decal paper. $12.00USD
You can also send in your own Custom Decals to be printed with 4-6 week turnaround.

Bolter & Chainsword, Scythes of the Emperor Decal Sheets by Tubal. (Older Style Icon)
Yellow on Black and Outlined yellow. Consider supporting Bolter & Chainsword if your download these fan made decal sheets:

Scythes of the Emperor Decal Sheet by BigRed. (Older Style Icon)
A PDF Sheet created by Big Red for Bell of Lost Souls readers:


I hope this resource helps my fellow Sothan collectors! Enjoy!


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