Scythes return to Sotha

In a new upcoming book, involving the Scythes of the Emperor, Guy Haley looks set to return to the ruins of Sotha.

It would appear Belirsarius Cawl has interests on Sotha, alongside the Scythes of the Emperor – potentially rediscovering the xenos Pharos Device under the mountain. From a time during the Horus Heresy; now purposefully forgotten Imperium Secundus (Unremembered Empire, by Dan Abnett) under Guilliman, it performed as a beacon for Warp Travel when it’s “light” shone upon Macragge and many other strange abilities.

Possibly Mt. Pharos in the background with the Castellum atop it, the fortress which defended the Pharos. Potentially a 1st (Veteran) or 2nd Co. Primaris Marine alongside.

Quite likely this book will have major plot implications for 40k Lore at large. May even mention the Iron Warror, Barabas Dantioch again (whom it is suspected was the bearer of the Helm every Scythes of the Emperor Chapter Master wore after the founding).

Dantioch believed The Pharos was part of an ancient interstellar navigation system, both a beacon and route-finder, and it also permitted instantaneous communication across unimaginable distances. Dantioch also believed that other way stations like the Pharos still existed, or once did, on other worlds throughout the galaxy. It was not one, single beacon like the Astronomican. Dantioch believed the Pharos and other stations like it were once used to create a network of navigational pathways between stars, as opposed to a single, range-finding point the way the Astronomican did.

sourced from notes on Sotha, 40kWiki.

Based on Cawl’s development of the AI, Cawl Inferior, for long distance communication; he may have designs on discovering the network, or restarting the Pharos itself, learning of its workings to enhance his own work or aiding Guilliman in enabling better warp travel post warprift era. Or, all of the above.

Key books to review for this release with a Scythes of the Emperor lean:

‘Unremembered Empire’ – Dan Abnett (Horus Heresy series novel; Sotha origins)

‘A Safe and Shadowed Place’ – Guy Haley (Horus Heresy series novel; Sotha beacon causing a hidden Chaos fleet troubles)

The Heart of the Pharos – L J Goulding, Audio Drama

‘Pharos’ – Guy Hayley (Horus Heresy series novel; Sotha beacon is set upon by the Night Lords)

‘The Aegidan Oath’ – L J Goulding

The Shadow of the Beast’ – L J Goulding

Heloth – L J Goulding

‘Slaughter at Giants Coffin’ L J Goulding, the defining last stand of the Scythes on Miral.

‘Reclamation’ – L J Goulding (One of print for limited run, still seeking a copy.

Dark Millenium – Guy Haley

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