Scythes scouts : An idea

Forgeworld recently came out with their retro heavy weapons from yesteryear, making me wonder about revisiting Scythes scouts done in a retro way too. :

A couple of months back I sourced some parts from eBay, how fitting it was that the auction I won was a set of Scythes of the Emperor Tyranid Attack scouts.

After stripping, fitting and chopping.. I’ve come to the conclusion the original torsos are far to limited, small and lacking detail to work. So I stuck with the new range and kept the classic style boots. I was never a fan of the scouts running about in leather boots on a Tyrannic hiveship. Carapace boots look more capable of handling acidic fluids ;)

With out further waffling, here is the current work in progress, more soon!

Reto Scouts

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