The Scythes Scouts project expands

It’s been awhile, but The Scythes Scout project expands with my return to terra firma, I’ve been able to get into some hobby work again.

First additions; a veteran sniper scout and a retro missile launcher specialist (among three other basic troops). Both with my trademark greaved boots; ala old school scouts. Because, as any Scythe marine would know, carapace is what you need for wading through the acids in a Bio-Ship. For other chapters reading this, note that down. Free advice.



Ever since I began this project I fully intended to use an old school Missile Launcher. The new heresy era launchers brought out by Forgeworld were a godsend, though some shaving of the arm and launcher were required at the trigger grip side.

It appears I bumped the tacked arm lower, it normally rests flush against the targeter housing.

For the Sniper scout, and my growing desire to make a Necromunda-esque skirmish force; I wanted a seasoned veteran who is there for the young noviates, a watching eye and guardian – felling any enemy who sneak behind his charges.

Clearly more to do details wise for both, but a beginning had to be noted! :)

– Sebastian

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