The Scythes in Shadow of the Beast by L J Goulding

The Scythes in Shadow of the Beast by Laurie Goulding – First noted on the great blog: Colourblind Painter

GW’s Black Library has just released a short story as part of their Summer of Reading. Their first release of the second week is The Shadow of the Beast, featuring the Scythes of the Emperor! Penned by Laurie Goulding – Black Library release explains:

The Story

For reasons as yet unclear, the Scythes of the Emperor are being recalled from every campaign and crusade across the galaxy, and Reclusiarch Hornindal urges the crew of the destroyer Xenophon to make all haste for their home world of Sotha. But when they encounter tyranid splinter fleets already well within Imperial space, a chilling truth becomes apparent – that this can only be the prelude to a second xenos invasion more than two centuries after the original Tyrannic War. The Chapter must prepare for the worst.

Read it because

The Scythes of the Emperor are best known for being almost completely destroyed by the tyranids of Hive Fleet Kraken… Here’s your chance to find out what they were like before, and see the beginnings of what will become their greatest tragedy.

Remember other published Scythes story Orphans of the Kraken, in the now called Space Marines: The Omnibus.

In which a nod to by Richard Williams (Forgemaster Sebastion) is made for the site and  my joint project with Andrew Taylor on the Scythes History article.

Also, the origins of the Scythes of the Emperor Chapter and Sothans is hinted at in The Unremembered Empire Horus Heresy novel. Recommended read.

Excuse me while I squeal with delight, in a completely manly way. What a time to be Sothan!

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– Sebastian.

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