The Scythes, Terminal Velocity

Here’s one that snuck under my sothan radar, The Scythes short, Terminal Velocity. Black Library mentions as follows:


Terminal Velocity

A Scythes of the Emperor story

A lone battle-brother ejects from his wrecked dropship and plummets to certain death on the battlefield below. Can he find a way to survive, or will he join the roll of dead Scythes of the Emperor?

It’s entirely unlike any other Space Marines story you’ve read. After all, when a warrior can’t rely on his skill at arms to save him, what then does he have to call on?

In the skies over Brakur IV, war rages. The tyranids of Hive Fleet Kraken have achieved air-superiority over the Imperial defenders, disrupting what should have been a simple extraction mission for the Scythes of the Emperor – and a lone battle-brother plunges from his wrecked dropship towards the planet’s surface. With his life expectancy now measured only in seconds, he must find a way to slow his deadly freefall, or become just another name on a staggering list of fallen Chapter heroes…

Written by L J Goulding

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