Brother Tobias

Tobias was involved in possibly the first boarding action by the Scythes against Hive Fleet Kraken. The boarding party had no idea what they were about to face…

The nightmarish conditions on board resulting in the deaths of all the boarding party with the exception of Tobias and Sergeant Remas – though Tobias was gravely injured and barely alive. Their damaged shuttle drifted through space out of the system and it was by pure chance that the Ultramarines came accross the two lost Scythes on board. Taken back to Macragge, the best Apothecaries worked hard for several days to rebuild the shattered Tobias. Given the extent of the damage, few expected him to pull through, but by some miracle Tobias made a recovery.

After returning to the Scythes with Remas and Phrixus, Tobias has entered into full service with the chapter, though the heavy brain damage Tobias suffered has resulted in a major loss of memory leaving the giant Astartes silent and dour except when in the heat of battle. Tobias is currently using a new prototype ‘hailstorm’ patter heavy bolter, developed by the Scythes in response to warfare with the Tyranids. The hailstorm fires lower caliber rounds than the normal pattern heavy bolter, but more than makes up for this with a much higher rate of fire. However few can manage the recoil of the weapon on foot, even among Astartes – the giant Tobias being a rare exception..



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