Simple Green. Simply get it.

Hi All,

Right, I’ve been using all kinds of stripping methods over the years and the whisper on the wind has been Simple Green. Whilst I haven’t been skeptical, I’ve had plenty of other options available to me until they ran out. Well that having happened prior to my move to Melbourne, Australia; I was in the market for a new paint stripper.

I browsed the internet, found endless debates and comparison tables. But nothing I would readily mention and promote as safe, effective and not going to burn me alive just by looking at it.

Until I bought and tried Simple Green. This stuff is brilliant. I’m a patient guy, so dunking a bunch of metal miniatures into a tub and leaving them for a day (planned ahead to have time the next afternoon to scrub down the models) the paint sloughed off and where it remained in stubborn crevices, another overnight soak had that flick out easily. On plastic it had mixed results, some superb, others barely anything. Methylated Spirits sorted that out. Ultimately though, if you are wanting your son/daughter, little brother or cousins (under supervision) to help strip miniatures, this stuff I whole heartedly recommend. By far and away the safest and least toxic cleaning agent. Whilst being both ethical and environmental. All the usual cleaning product safeties apply naturally.

I still wear gloves, just so I can get stuck in without abrading my hands with the toothbrush. Only thing I can negatively think of is the strong Methanol smell of toothpaste. I use it undiluted and recently cleaned fifty metal miniatures of every scrap of paint (a few needed the toothpick in crease finish) and it’s good for more.

Simple Green. Get it.

I found a 2L bottle of the mixture in the image of this post at Bunnings, Melbourne (Australian Hardware store) in Port Melbourne and Richmond branches (2L bottle here). I use it undiluted and in a Tin can (Milo milk drink powder can). Add 24hrs and a a good toothbrush scrubbing. New miniatures.


– Sebastian.



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