Sothan Brothers, The Scythes of Rogeriopaints

Scythes of the Emperor by Rogeriopaints

Our Brother, Rogeriopaints has been captivated by the scythes for years since he saw an article in a very old White Dwarf detailing the Battle for Sotha, the lore is brilliant.  He is also a massive fan of the colour scheme black and yellow and I think all fellow Scythes collectors will agree with him, that they are an amazing looking chapter.

Rogeriopaints has been collecting Scythes since getting back into Warhammer 40k about a year ago, having been a part of the hobby for 20 years; but as soon as he saw the new Primaris, he knew he had to collect the Scythes of the Emperor. (Huzzah!- Ed.)

Direct from Rogeriopaints:

“My favourite model so far in my force is my converted smash Captain who leads the 1st company, he is based on an Inceptor Primaris marine.  In future I have built another Captain equipped with a death guard forgeworld scythe, whilst even further, I will be adding 5 terminators armed with scythes as a retinue for my Captain.”

Painting Sothans:
“I basecoat Black followed by Averland Sunset. I then apply multiple coats of Yriel Yellow, fill recesses with Seraphim Sepia. Highlight with Flash Gitz Yellow and Bleached Bone. The black is edge highlighted with Stormvermin Fur and then Dawnstone on top as a second highlight.”

The Future:
“Well I am a hoarder… My original plan was to build the entire 1st company (post primaris reinforcement) as my theme is that there is a strong core of Deathwatch veterans in the 1st company allowing me to field the Scythes on the table top with the Deathwatch codex.”

Definitely a project to look forward too, onto the photos!

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