Space Hulk – The Hulk Hounds

I just dig the idea of “Profiteers in Space” characters (to the tune of Muppet’s ‘Pigs in Space’ intro) Whilst waiting for parts for the Scythes Redux, I sat back and thought about ways to make them based on the Void Suit concept by Xanthos and Modhail of DakkaDakka Much hacking chopping and dry fitting.. then kneecapping.. then more dry fitting.. and voilà’ I’ll be Space Monkey’s Uncle.. I had begun the Hulk Hounds, denizens of Space Hulk games.


On the left is Mod’, ain’t no metal known to man he can’t cut through, the other on the right is Xan, a veteran operator.


Currently he’s using a Plasma-Cutter and power pack, which he rigged with components from an Imperial wreck haul they came across. The torch works wonders, but he has had to modify a void suit helm with filter visor due to the above average fierce glare. Normally he burns locks and seals, then uses his faithful Mark1 Crowbar to work the cut.

Probably the most overly cautious of the bunch, he is almost always armed even planet side. Having lost his left arm to a sudden blastdoor deciding ‘Now’ (some decades after the ship was set adrift) was a good time to seal a bulkhead. In a swing of luck, the drop off from their search was with a Tau Trader whom organised a prosthetic for Xan. For a modest cut to their pay naturally. Here he is using a trusty autolumen torch, sealed for vacuum and low temperature operations. Unsurprisingly, he’s always looking up.


Ouuparchi, the Frell.
Seen here looking through cargo with his crafted autolumen, whilst musing over the labels and possible contents within..Ouuparchi is an avid explorer and collector of alien ornaments, technology and artifacts. His skill in seeking out prize salvage, separating the valuable from the scrap piles quickly, keeps him firmly fixed as part of the ‘Grab’ team. Among the Hound’s he’s known as ‘O.K.’, due to the Frell’s classic expression, amidst broken low-gothic;
” Ooooii-kay-kay..” A sure sign he’s found something exceptionally nice.

Overall for a Frell, Ouuparchi is pretty adventurous. Most collectors remain in their home system, sending others on errands or buying from passing trade ships; such as Imperial Rogue Traders, whom also thoroughly enjoy calling into a Frell Tradeport. It is the gamut of artefacts and technologies that make Ouuparchi so valuable to the crew. He has a wide knowledge of the many alien vessels in the region and a quick witted learning curve when figuring out controls and overrides of such vessels. Onboard their ship, his quarters have become a hoarded nest of collected gadgets, widgets and artifacts. Each with a place and purpose or a price tag for when he gets back home.

Being a Frell, Ouuparchi is a slightly stooped and lanky humanoid. His extremities are leathery and quite resilient, allowing him to withstand near vacuum conditions for limited periods. Most times, Ouuparchi usually wears is a set of goggles to protect his eyes once a Hulk has been declared “safe”, otherwise he has a face mask in a hipbag. Since decompression is not an immediate threat, Ouuparchi is pretty casual about his chances. Equipment wise, he has his own enviro-shell, which has been modded with some more hardy Voidsuit components. He also sports a heavy duty winch, which can be detached for hauling finds, or moving between gantry levels within a Hulk.

Among various other pieces of kit, the most notable is a hefty sidearm. No one has seen the weapon, or witness him use it. But judging by how well Ouuparchi handles his other gadgets, with a confident attitude whilst exploring Hulks, they figure it can wait till some Hulk lurker finds out.

Overall, Ouuparchi is a pretty convivial member of the team, and most get along with him pretty easily, or they just give up trying to understand him and simply nod and smile.


More soon as I expand the crew..


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