The Scythes Power Falx

Here is a guide for the Scythes of the Emperor Power Falx that was seen on my competition entry. The following shows key components I personally would choose (and have used), however the blade in my competition version I have not identified (rushed build and well, a deep bitz collection). So much like yourself, I’m seeking suitable blades for repeated builds.

Firstly, let’s look at what consitutes a falx (in this example a Dacian Falx). You can also read my indepth version on Falces (falx. plural)

Dacian Falx, double edged, two handed sword

Single edged Falx, similar to historically modified Scythe-halberds


Warhammer 40,000: Kill Team

With these historical designs in mind, lets go bits shopping:
(Zombie Scythe, Dark Elf Chariot Halberd, Wood Elves Tree Revenants, Skaven Clanrat Spears, Dark Eldar Power Sword, Dark Elf Corsair Swords)

Having browsed for Scythe blades, swords with fine curved double edges, it’s time to find the power weapon handles. These were chosen for a lack of wires and cables, making for a cleaner modification:
(Dark Angel Veteran Power Weapons; 2 pairs, 4 versions and Deathwatch Power Weapons; 2 versions)

Warhammer 40,000: Kill Team

Combining these you can start to create weapons suitable to the Scythes of the Emperor Chapter. Falx combat blades and Falx power weapons. At this stage you will need to cut the join edge of the blade, trimmed to suit length and attachment to the handles:

Warhammer 40,000: Kill Team

As you can see this is fairly straight forward. However, taking the detail to a new level is challenging. To create a Power Node requires a thin slice of a 1mm styrene rod (Node) and fine wire (I used brass mesh wire .5mm):

On review, I can see my own work is slightly off centre! Despite many minutes of careful gluing using fine dots of superglue.

Ultimately I hope this helps my fellow Sothan Brothers equipping their marines with Power Falces and stylised combat blades. The weapon style appears to be (in fiction) an honour weapon bestowed on particularly gifted fighters.

**If anyone knows the blade I used in my own Falx, please state below, thank you!**

Thank you for reading,
Sebastian. :)



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