The Scythes Redux, Reloaded.


This website is dedicated to the Scythes of the Emperor, an Adeptus Astartes Chapter. It has been online in several forms for over fourteen years. This is the latest iteration and quite possibly the most holistic version.

A few months before the relaunch, I began to work with fellow UK based Scythe’s collector, Andrew Taylor, to produce a complete and factual history of the Scythes of the Emperor. We had both come to realise folks had been using our long established backgrounds (works of fiction) as GW canon for the Scythes, so it was only appropriate we were the ones to set the record straight; a penance if you will. The new website is an extension of this collaboration, filled with work of my own as folks have come to know and now, selections from Andrew Taylor’s own Scythe force, painted in the more traditional (GW Canon) livery of the original Sothans.

You can read the Factual History Report in the Background section and enjoy some miniature goodness via the Tenax, Heart of Sotha and Original Scythes links above. Each showcasing past and upcoming projects Andrew and I are working on.

thanks for your support and interest over the years,

About Sebastian

Site owner and creator, Sebastian Stuart has been updating and maintaining the Scythes of the Emperor webpage since 1997. He is canonised as 'ForgeMaster Sebastion' by Richard Williams and LJ Goulding in the Scythes of the Emperor novels by Black Library.