The Scythes of the Emperor Gladius, Tenax

The Scythes of the Emperor Frigate, Tenax, Gladius Class.
Shipmaster Aeryton Augustus, Chapter Officer Brother-Sargeant Xaver, 5th Company.


The Tenax, home and refuge for a small band of Scythes of the Emperor survivors. Each of whom narrowly escaped the destruction of Sotha upon being sent on an escort mission to aid the escape of 14,000 Sothan civilians. Their story is an ever evolving Campaign with as they seek to rejoin the Heart of Cronus Chapter Battlebarge. There are many adventures ahead as this band of brothers finds their way back to the Heart of Cronus, if the Chapter Battlebarge survives yet.

The Tenax, Gladius Frigate. Scythes of the Emperor Chapter Classis.
Laid down in M40,977, Calth Shipyards, Ultramar.

Jovian Pattern Class 8.1 Naval Drive

Major Components:
Strelov 1 Warp Engine
Warpwarded Hull (Sanctioned again M41.744)
Calth Pattern Hardened Void Shields
Astartes Armoured Bridge
Vitae-Calth Pattern Life Sustainer
Astartes Deep Void Auger Array

Autodefence Laser & Flak Turrets
Anti-Projectile/Fighter Turrets x 2
Mars-Konor Pattern Macro Cannon Batteries. 8 Gunnery Platforms.

Major Cargo and Sections:
Chapter Serf Voidsman Quarters
Compartmentalised Cargo Hold and Lighter/Thunderhawk Bay
Astartes Barracks (Max 20 Astartes, short term)

Astartes Classis Enhancements
Augmented Retro Thrusters, Fire Suppression, Reinforced Bulkheads
Armour Plating, Extended Supply Vaults, Munitorium & Medicae Deck
Combat Servitors (Falx Warmonger Class)

History & Notable Actions
Delivered to Sotha in the year of Our Emperor, M40, 982. Serving across the Sotharan League Worlds in territorial patrol and counter piracy actions. Nothing of note except, performed admirably in all actions over several centuries.

Corinth Crusade led by Marneus Calgar, The Scythes join with forces from the Ultramarines, Angels of Absolution, Lamenters, Silver Skulls and Marines Errant. The Tenax saw action against the flotillas of Waaagh! Skargor, in the Corinth system within the Ork empire of Charadon. Performing admirably, with the notable destruction of two Ork Ramships targeting the orbital anchor of Imperial Navy troopships during landings.

Damocles Crusade against the Tau in M41.742, the Tenax delivered part of the first infiltrations forces landing onto Tau territory, on the world of Sy’L’Kell. After claiming Sy’L’Kell, the Crusade moved to cross the Damocles Gulf. The Tenax suffered significant damage engaging Tau missile boats during the major fleet action about the Tau world of Dal’Yth Prime. Returned to Sotha with casualties from several ships lost during the engageent. Surveyed and approved for refit. Gained and extra defensive turret amidships and the newer Mars-Calth Macro Cannon battery systems. (A full replacement of eight gunnery platforms)

Hivefleet Behemoth. When news reached Sotha, the Tenax was still in spacedock and unable to be a part of the Sotharan League response at the time.

Verdeworlds Campaign against the Eldar in 865.M41. As part of the Sothan pledge to the campaign alongside The Black Templars and Blood Angels to cleanse the Verdeworlds of Eldar exodites. Whilst the Eldar withdrew their settlers quickly, the Tenax saw heavy action against Eldar escorts as part of a squadron of four Frigates. Duelling with a Shadowhunter flotilla of six, the frigates allowed the Black Templar Strike Cruiser, Eternal Vigil,  unmolested access to the greater convoy. However the Tenax sustained significant damage to its ailing Jovin 2 core, enough to warrant a return to Sotha for repairs. It was sent on to Calth and refitted with a newly patterned Jovian 8.1 Naval Drive.

Second Tyrannic War (992.M41). The arrival of Hivefleet Kraken. Part of the initial picket observing the incoming invasion force. Retasked to rescue the remnants of the Vth and Xth companies after abortive attempts to board and sabotage the hibernating bioships. During this action only the Tenax survived among eight intra-system rescue vessels (Recoverd: Brother Sargeant Xaver, Veteran Brother Gideon, Scout Sargeant Trano and initiates Pallas, Cobon, Ardan and Tellias). The Tenax proceeded to Sotha, landing at Odessa. By the fourth day of the invasion, Brother-Sargeant Xaver and fifteen Scythes Astartes, along with eight more neophytes of Xth reserve squads were tasked to escort a last civilian convoy through orbiting Hiveships. Now known as the “Odessa Breakout”. Brothers’ Iago, Heracles, Davro and Julio perished whilst defending the Tenax at Odessa.

Ordered to rendezvous at Miral with Heart Of Cronus post escort. However failed to report prior to Chapter withdrawal, no contact since. Presumed destroyed M41.993, with all hands along with the loss of 16 Battle Brothers and 12 Scout Initiates/Neophytes. May His Light preserve their Valor.

Officially presumed destroyed at the turn of M41.993. Heart of Cronus Chapter Battlebarge, archival ships registry.

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