The Scythes Website : 14yrs old today.


Scythes Artwork Marines Interface

The original Scythes 'Communication hub' with a updated image.

Today, 2nd of March, the Scythes of the Emperor website has turned 14yrs old. For over a decade I have modelled the Scythes in one form or another; going through several iterations of the website and even painting makeovers of the various characters. The Scythes website went live 14 years ago, you can read the full history here.


The Scythes website 1999, updating.. with dodgy old hologram!

My attention waxed and waned over the years, predominantly due to my Tau, which you can see on, taking prominence for about three years.

I have enjoyed every update and the feedback from readers over this time. Thank you for being interested in my black and yellow obsession, quite a few of you first heard of the plight of the Scythes from this very website; such overwhelmingly crushed underdogs, they almost became a foot note in history (read the Scythes Factual PDF history here).

Scythes verse Tyranids

Scythes take on Tyranids, Iagus foreground and Capt.Xaver center.

Over time the Scythes were mentioned more frequently, even appearing in war against the Tau. More recently they landed a starring role in ‘Orphans of the Kraken’ by Richard Williams, who contacted me to use the factual history PDF Andrew Taylor and I put together last year (still the most comprehensive guide, even for GW).

Now for some curiosities  :

Scythes logo decal

First ever Scythes Decal added to my marines (1998) Thanks Nick!

original scythes painted

Would you believe it was almost Marines Errant? My original theme decision figures (1997).

In all these years, visitors have been inspired to paint their own Scythes forces, such as Andrew Taylor and Jon Hart, who’s collections I host on the website, and many others. The following gallery includes submissions from all over the world :



I would also like to thank the following Battle Campaign members over the years, when I have run small campaign packages; (not unlike the great GW internet campaigns in more recent times.)

DARK CATS Chapter via Inquisition Liason, Haekron and Lord Shadow Daemonslayer, The Great Shadow, Chapter Master of The DarkCats
Space Fleet OSIRIS – Battlebarge’CENTURIAN'<BR>

Emperor’s Crusaders Chapter (Black Templar Successor), Captain Argonius.

Lochiel Guard, Col. Floyd & Cmdr Thomas commanding.

Sky Marines; Brother-Captain Matthi Baldonimi, commander of the Sky Marines’ 3rd-company.

Chapter Amabutho led by Lord Duchek of Hydra.

Raehan Regulars, Raehaniv Tri-system near the Eastern Fringe.

Draco Legion, leader is Lord Sherman Bishop.

Blood Angels Chapter led by Brother Matthius.

The Dark Brotherhood (Veteran Colours) led by Lord Brother John McGuire.

Nemesis Marines contingent perished to a man helping the Lochiel Heavy Armour Escape during the Hacun V campaign.
Killer Bees Chapter led by Lord Matt Eagle

16th Cadian Rifles Regimentled by General Matthew Aurand.
Scions of the Emperor Chapter (Formerly known as the Emperor’s Word Chapter) led by Superscion Gunnirson Radax fighting alongside the Cadian 15th Rifles.

Dark Angels
Chapter contingent led by Lord Jomas of the first Dark Angel force
Dark Angels Ravewing contingent led by Brother-Shadow-Dancer.
Dark Angels Deathwing contingent addition of Brother Captain Demetrius and his two squads.
Ultramarines Chapter contingent led by Captain Ardias
Ultramarines Chapter contingent, The Eighth company Commander Philius.

Space Wolves Chapter contingent led by Wolf Lord Aengle himself.

Ravenguard Space Marines Chapter contingent, Commander Sorvax leads to the field the Ravenguard Second company.


So, where to from here for 2012?

Truescale Deathwatch and Scouts is what!

Thank you for visiting the Scythes website over the years and hopefully once again on this special day, enjoy the weekend and happy painting!





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Site owner and creator, Sebastian Stuart has been updating and maintaining the Scythes of the Emperor webpage since 1997. He is canonised as 'ForgeMaster Sebastion' by Richard Williams and LJ Goulding in the Scythes of the Emperor novels by Black Library.